Team Spirit Rejects Donations Successfully Collected by Eva Elfie for TI12

One of the adult content actresses, Eva Elfie, revealed that the TI12 Champion Team Spirit refused to be given additional prize donations from herself.

It was enough to attract the attention of many people, where Eva announced that she herself would add to The International 2023 prizepool using her own efforts.

All the income he received from OnlyFans as per the announcement yesterday, will be given to the winner. Team Spirit was also the team that managed to emerge as champion.

Reporting from Eva Elfie's announcement on Telegram, the donations she managed to collect from OnlyFans amounted to $25,000 USD or the equivalent of IDR 396,575,000, but Team Spirit rejected the money.

Through the actress' Telegram Broadcast, she said that she had succeeded in contacting Team Spirit regarding the prize she wanted to transfer directly.

Unfortunately they refused, so Eva was quite confused because she was holding the gift without knowing who to give it to.

Eva said that in 3 days she had collected $20,000 USD and she added another $5,000 USD using her personal money.

The actress also understands the rejection made by Team Spirit, because not all organizations can accept what Eva did at The International 2023.

As we know, he has to sell adult content, which of course not all parties can agree to, especially in the world of sports.

"The bad news — I asked the winners how to transfer the money to them, and they refused to accept it, and I completely understand that and ask you not to judge anyone. This is sport, and not all organizations are ready to be associated with such stories.

So I'm going to ask you guys how to spend this money: should we give it to Gaimin Gladiator or maybe I should run my own tournament and use this prize as a prizepool. Tell me what you think, and I'll create a poll so we can decide what to do!" Eva wrote on Telegram.

The actress is known to be very interested in the world of gaming, one of which is Dota 2. Eva's appearance at TI12 yesterday was not the first time.

The intention to help and counter what netizens say about this small prizepool is also a good thing to do, but as has been said, not everyone can accept the method.